March 21, 2008


When I look back on these last few months of my life I am amazed at how difficulty, struggle and pain have brought me into a new place, a new season.

In a time where it seemed all was lost, all was actually waiting to be found. At the end of everything, I fell into the arms of the one who Is everything.

Too long have I walked around walls. Expecting pain, anticipating hardship, feeling all was not right unless I was struggling somehow. But God gently raised this little bird and fashioned her wings. Now I dream of flying. Of freedom in my heart. Of beauty in my soul.

For all those who have been there, in word and in deed, this is my thank-you to you. I wouldn't be here without you, I am a better person because of you. 

“those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary...”

March 1, 2008

a glimpse into me...

I've discovered there is no better place than my own little library on a gray Saturday morning. Curled up in a cozy, soft sweater, discovering the beauty of gardens, fabrics, the pull of a countries ancient history, a fresh sense of family ties, I ponder a new sense of self. Anticipating a future in which limitations are absent - freeing yet frightening at times as limitations were a constant companion of the past. 

I can go anywhere, be anything.

Though old dreams have died, the barest beginnings of new dreams are waiting to bring life.

It is a frightening thing to be this free. Always needing a hand to hold, now I see, I can stand on my own.

So with a warm little cat curled up in my lap, with an expanding heart at peace, with vision of a limitless future - I realize - I am going to make it. I am going to be ok.