April 22, 2008

for your amusement (and mine...)

Lunchtime Follies or....
How Not To Re-heat A Boiled Egg

Scene 1: a snowy afternoon at home
in the fridge - 1 boiled egg
said egg is taken and peeled by well-meaning hungry girl with plans of enjoying it on toast.
egg is placed on a plate
cat meows

Scene 2: egg on plate is ominously placed into microwave - which beeps as 're-
heat' button is pressed
whirring commences

Scene 3: hungry girl hums to herself as microwave whirrs and pops some toast
in the toaster
cat licks paw

Scene 4: "POW!!"
girl: "Aaahhh!!"
cat: dives under table

Scene 5: the afternoon tranquility shattered,
the microwave door is apprehensively opened
hungry girl surveys the carnage
the egg she was so looking forward to eating now having been
reduced to egg-shrapnel....like so...

I think next time I'll scramble 'em...
Not in the microwave...