March 20, 2010

When one needs a break from report card writing...

one crafts a sock monkey ;) 

You may think that teaching 18 six year olds, six hours a day, working after school and on weekends would leave little time for the many little crafty desires of one's heart. 

In fact, I have used this reason *ahem* excuse to avoid beginning a blog as well... 

I am hoping to discover (as I did with my sock monkey!) that it is merely an exercise in creative time management.

So with a deep, excited breath I am taking the plunge. I have been endlessly inspired over the time that I have followed several other wonderful ladies blogs. My home has been enriched by their crafty wares from etsy and my heart inspired by their stories and life experiences. I am opening this little window into my world in hopes to share the same.

Are you curious about the monkey? Here's a peek...

and if you'd like to try your hand at one too (it was a snap!) just head on over here.