May 26, 2010

{bear fears and other such spring-silliness}

Tonight I went for it... I walked the Bear Trails without the fear, or even much of a passing thought, of bears...

You see I have these weird recurring dreams of running into bears, so realisitc that I even wake up feeling afraid (silly I know...). They seem to come when I am stressed out or 'dealing' with something, for whatever reason. Yet even in a waking-state, the thought of running into a wild, unpredicatble bear remains rather frightening... especially out here where there is a greater possibility of really, truly, running into a bear. I can never remember... do you curl into a ball for the black bear or grizzly? Climb a tree? Yes or No? Run? I don't bother with bear bells as I have heard them referred to as 'dinner bells' and I don't carry bear spray - I do not ever want to get that close, I would most likely r.u.n.

So tonight I took my chances.

A deep need to drink in this fresh spring air, with the scent of new leaves and touch of warm sun, compelled me out to the trails - bears - or no bears.

(there were no bears)

and I had a grand old time re-acquainting my feet with the forest.

Note to self:
- get out and do this more and more on these beautiful springy evenings

and next time:
- take the camera... surely that will scare away the bears...

May 25, 2010

{miss you}

Dear Manly,

3 weeks of school are almost done,
good thing 'cause this house is too big and quiet without you...
thank goodness we have a cat...

Heart You, see you soon,