July 20, 2010

the ants go marching one by one...

yet I am not shouting "Hurrah, Hurrah!"

that is... until the ants are history! Allow me to explain...

Neal and I were out in the yard last week, happily planning a garden bench area, plotting out raised beds and scheming about moving a few landscape timbers from beside the house to our new spot to 're-use' them as edging. Sadly, as the first timber came up, we noticed it was riddled with the 'fruits of many an ants' labor - tunnels here there and everywhere throughout the beam. I confess I went into a state of panic as I imagined these ants invading our wood basement. *insert horror movie screech*

Thankfully the labouring ants enjoyed the beam so much they left our home alone. But in the world of ant real-estate, one can never be too sure, so we left them no options for future home expansion. A light dusting of ant powder around the perimeter, removal of ALL landscape ties from the property, removal of ALL firewood to a safe location and removal of one particularly sappy and delish (to an ant) spruce tree seems to have remedied the problem. Not enough to sleep perfectly sound at night, yet enough to quell the panic... for now.

Look out ants...

We are watching you...

July 12, 2010

Another year older...

and more wonderful. 
Love you to bits
and blessings on another year of living life!
so happy to share it with you,

Your wife :)

July 4, 2010

Ahhh... Sunday {befores and afters}

After a whirlwind school-year and numerous house projects I'm ready for a day of rest! I have been awash in projects, transitioning from the hectic pace of the classroom to summer holiday mode (at least trying to make the transition and slow down!) :) Most of the projects were made with minimal investment or with thrifted finds (because I loooove saving and hardly ever pay full price...) and re-purposed items that were still in storage. Thought I may share some...

First up - the  sewing room! Although it began as a happy green it was still too dark a colour for the space so we lightened it up... 

(wall deco, a valence, and furniture placement still to follow). I am dreaming of fabrics like these for the valence...

Another project was trying my hand at a banner for a friend's going away party at the end of June,

a few little scrap-booking paper triangles + leftover ribbon from my wedding boquet + the trusty sewing machine and voila! a banner (x3) I totally love! Now where to hang them...

** Speaking of valence I just HAD to cover the burgundy pull shade in the kitchen. Not totally in love with the fabric but it was a quick fix.

also not so in love with the old floors / burgundy tiles and counter top - they will met their end in the next couple years! gotta save for those reno's ;)

(a table runner made from left-over fabric)  

Next up - pillows! Our rather manly/bachelor-esque living room furniture needed brightening as well... 

$5 IKEA pillows + $7 zippered pillow covers + stripes of fabric from the misc. fabric box = bright happy pillows!

extra IKEA curtain fabric + fabric flowers (so easy & fun - made of old IKEA curtain tie-backs) = just the feminine touch I was craving in this space!

Then...  bah bah baaaah!! The mantle... 
(rather non-descript and lacking a focal point) 


many thanks to Home Sense for the awesome hurricane candle holders in the exact colour I was looking for + cute little birdie candles and ON SALE too :) :)

Oh, and while there I also picked up these bamboo and red-trimmed place mats for setting a cheery table:

Not all projects were indoors! Some took us out.. (or rather, we took them out!) As an awkward/unsightly and useless fence behind our shed vanishes (still have to pull that post!)


did I mention we also removed a dead tree stump? breaking 3 garden implements in the process? Oops!

next up on the project list...
- pot houseplants in the ceramic plant pots Manly & I thrifted at a yard sale (the wonderful man got up at 8:30 on a Sat to go with me ... and early rising is SO not his thing... Thanks my love)
- wire/hang $10 light fixture (also thrifted!) for our bedroom hall
- set up a guest room downstairs for my parent's visit this weekend
- sew up some remnant sheepskin fabric for the fur-baby to sleep on (she found it in the sewing room and promptly fell blissfully asleep in it's cuddly softness)  
- find/thrift some baskets to organize the craftiness in the sewing room closet 
- find some tasty recipes to grace the weekend table...

Have a wonderful week and Happy Fourth to the American girls! 

postscript: than you for reading this rather long and picture-laden post to the end :)