January 30, 2011

{ fun with felt and other random thoughts }

I've been working on a small snuggle-blanket project for a friend's soon-expected little one. I was happy with the way the fabric on the front turned out - pretty yet still boy-ish,

and the soft, snuggly fleece on the back will hopefully enjoy lots of sweet new-baby skin time! It was pretty plain looking on the back though, until I explored 'monogramming' with felt (they have already picked a name - really hoping they don't change their mind!). A couple google searches, some printed letters and a great pair of sewing scissors and ta da!
This working-with felt is addictive - I don't want to stop! It's so easy to use and looks sooo cute. I'm now scheming of using it to make some applique 'tie' onsies like this:
My crafting is currently taking place in a very disorganized 'waiting for baseboard' and 'stuff everywhere' kind of room - I can't wait to tackle it and make it pretty! Last time we visited my parent's my mom gave me some really sweet aprons my Oma had made out of old flour sacks for mom and her twin sister when they were little.  I'm hoping to hang them from some pegs in the rennovated craft space (see here for the beginnings of the craft-room project - last summer - yikes! With Neal in school and me teaching full time we have not made much progress in the last year!)
Until then, we are putting our rooms to good use as we will welcome a dear friend's family of five (with little ones of 4, 2 and 2 months) into our home as they await posession of a new home! Baseboard or not - we will be ready!

January 14, 2011

{ when I get it }

Wherever we were hurt seems to be the place where He asks us to give the most.

Came across this quote while blog-surfing and it just clicked.

This is why I teach.

How many times have I cried out for children of my own, only to go on spending my days teaching and loving-on other people's?

This is where I hurt.

And it's where I give the most.

January 9, 2011

{ snow bells }

We are buried in snow up here - literally. Every so often there is a year of snow that would incapacitate any other town, city or country - except here - where we apparently have super-human snow tolerance abilities and snow skills. Everything, including school, stays open and people casually add "drive safely" at the end of each conversation. Shovels and bags of sand replace the fishing gear that resides in the trunk of your vehicle.

Most of our neighbors have snow-blowers or quads with a blade on the front. Not to mention massive 4 wheel drive trucks and SUV's. We own a Chevy Cavalier. And a Mazda 3 with an inch of clearance from front bumper to ground. I think we amuse our Neighbors.

On that note, I am heading out to shovel our driveway (with our new snow shovel(s) as the other one broke a few days back...). I go prepared with the wintery-est of all winter jackets - a poufy, brown, down-filled number that stretches down to my knees (which are a long way down there) and sheep-skin leather mittens you could wrangle a cow with.

Have you ever seen the old Disney cartoon where Donald Duck is out in the snow with his nephews in a long, brown, poufy coat shaped like a very large church bell? That's me. I may just decide to go and hang from a tree in much a similar fashion and provide even more amusement for The Neighbors...

January 8, 2011

{ January }

 or { buried-in-snow-and-dreaming-of-summer' } ;)

A new year, and with it a bit of an ache as Neal returns to school for 5 weeks. We enjoyed an awesome break from the daily grind over the holidays and it always takes a bit to get back into routines (such as - having to wake up when it is still dark out - not a winter fave!)

I'm posting a little 'chipper' list of things I would like to spend time on in the evenings for the coming weeks, happy, creative things that will balance teacher-work with play;

* read/happily sigh over the new Victoria mag that arrived yesterday
* organize the laundry/storage room (this makes me happy, being that I'm slightly OCD about organization)
*start settling into my new craft-room space (pics to follow once I'm settled in!)
*attempt a "Photo-a-Day" project, I signed up for Tumblr ages ago and must confess I haven't added any pics since! Or perhaps I'll give Flickr a try, any suggestions?
*get on the Wii Fit
*explore other authors/books to add to the antique book collection
*spend some time praying / journaling again

Really, the weeks should (and often do) fly by. It's exciting to think of the new adventures that could lay ahead once the schooling is over and we are a little more 'freed-up'. Travel is definitely in the mix - hopefully over to Europe - England possibly, or visit family in Hungary and Holland. Travel tops the list as I have not done any travelling over-seas - ever! I was quite close to taking a missions trip over to Romania after I graduated from high-school, but fear took over and I could not get my little home-body self to think of going so far on my own! Now I'm married to a man who has made numerous trips over-seas, including a year of living in Ukraine, and being older (and hopefully braver) myself, I'm ready to take the leap.

But... for fear of living in the future, and not enjoying the here-and-now, I'll focus on my little 'to do's' and enjoy this season for what it is. Every day with this man, these friends, this home, and yes even this current job... is beautiful.