February 19, 2011

Project shift

A little shift is in order. Photo-a-day is just not working and for fear it will turn into photo-a-month or photo-not-at-all, I decided to change gears a bit. I found it quite difficult to find the camera in these hectic days, let alone use it! Perhaps it's laziness on my part, or a bit of obsession with being efficient... but I've decided to pursue Tumbl-ing as a means to collect eye-candy as opposed to photo-a-day. I'm enjoying the little thrills of finding beautiful photos and collecting quotes, and loving the fact that they are all in one place! 
take a peek here

February 6, 2011

{ Valentines deco }

Our home is all decked out...
 I confess I've gone a little banner-happy
 and here... 
 Happy Heart Day
:) Andrea