March 26, 2011

vintage finds

Woo Hoo for super-cute vintage finds at..... my mother-in-law's! Extra special as they are little pieces of my most beloved man's childhood.
Baby spoons and forks from Holland - love the little rabbits and squirrels engraved on the tops...
Beautiful hand-embroidered table linens,
Curious George - one of my fave's for sure!
Also a favorite - the original Richard Scarry books. My cousins and I would lay awake late into the evenings, curled up in sleeping bags, laughing and making up silly stories to go along with the pics. It's great to share many childhood favorites with the man I love! :)

The story behind the finds:
I turned the big 3-0 last month and my mom decided that 30 was a good time to part with my baby book and other little 'treasures' she had stored away. Of course all these little treasures and horribly embarassing baby pics were hauled out at my birthday gathering and were fodder for our family guests. Later that week my mother-in-law called and mentioned she had decided to go through some old things as well (as her baby is 34 and all...);) and could we come over and go through it with her. It was a sweet time watching a mother reminisce with her son, we had lots of laughs and good memories. I am a lucky girl to have such dear people in my life. 
{my parents and the fur baby}

Now we are sorting through the treasures, as some are definitely going to make a comeback! I'm thinking Curious George will take a place of honour on a craft-room shelf, Richard's handiwork is going on our bookshelf, the spoons and forks will await a glass-doored china cabinet, and I'm off to iron one of the table-cloths to spring-ify our kitchen table. Catch 'ya later! :)

March 21, 2011


I really needed this today, a good kick in the pants reminder to be content, to depend on what is in me, and not just what is 'me'. A reminder that it's not about a different job, living in a different town or adding children to our household. It's about what has been laid in front of me today, this year, one piece at a time. Because I know, that in time, and with His hands, all these pieces will fit together perfectly.

March 16, 2011

aching aching aching for this...

please soon? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease....

March 7, 2011

{an expanded heart}

There are many thoughts and feelings rattling around this heart of mine today. Big, exciting news for friends, and I'm rejoicing in their amazing blessing and testimony of God's faithfulness. And there is aching pain for others, loss of loved ones, loss of trust and faithfulness in marriages, loss of dreams, and my heart mourns for and with them. I'm thankful for the capacity and the blessing to touch and be touched by all of these precious lives,

how true when it was said;

Rejoice with those who rejoice,
Mourn with those who mourn
Romans 12:15

and that's where I find myself today.