April 27, 2011

{ a pocketful of encouragement }

1.“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart…” — Psalm 27:14
2. A calm peace while cuddled on the couch with 2 dear little ones with sleepy eyes and sweet giggles.
3. this quote: “I pour my heart out like water,” the prophet Jeremiah said. Sometimes in tears. Sometimes in anger or confusion. Often in gratitude. Often in silence. Always in longing. I wait. The river bends toward me. Or I am moved toward it-toward the presence of God. Whenever this happens the current carries me. To deep, still water. And I green.” — Ragamuffin Prayers ‘Memos To The Almighty’ by Billy Sprague
4. treasuring the memory that 4 years ago, for a short time, I carried a little life I will see again one day, when all is set to right

April 26, 2011


**disclaimer: I have posted and un-posted this, and it is certainly no example of taking joy, but I've gotta keep it real so here it stays....**

Because sometimes I feel like i just have to s-c-r-e-a-m...
abandoning coping strategies, maturity, reserve, patience etc
too tired of waiting, of being patient, of occupying my thoughts and heart elsewhere
I can't always keep this in,
this feeling, this dread,
that I am the only one left
of close, and not so close friends
at this age, so wanting a family
so not able to have one it seems,
feeling past my expiration date,
and like I don't work right somehow.

So I sit and smile, hearing of myriads of other pregnancies,
pieces of my heart truly happy and thankful for their news
and other pieces just so so so broken
and this ugly little speel...
well its just where my heart is at right now
and I'm sure it will correct soon
but right now its just broken

p.s. if you are on of those dear people holding new life in your hands, please don't take offence, I really don't mean any, I just needed a voice for a broken (and probably a little selfish) piece of my soul. Me + coping strategies will be back again soon.

April 18, 2011

{ April sun }

or { aaahhhh - I'm melting!! }
And the fur baby is not the only thing melting in a sunbeam around here;

in the bleak mid-winter
We made our yearly spring jaunt out to the 'beach', (which looks more like the arctic than a beach at the moment..)
there is sand under here SOMEwhere!

and sank hopelessly and whole-heartedly up to our waists - well, my waist, Neal's knee.. you get the picture - it's deep...
Besides assisting in the sun's snow removal at the beach, we've kept busy painting our bedroom:
Now, this is the part of the painting process where you go "I think I'll just lay here and maybe the right colour will just come to me", then you proceed to fall asleep and the cat comes and sits by your head. And then your husband decides to take a picture of you because he's funny like that (and finds your state of rare in-activity amusing). Oh yes, we get lots of work done around here... ;)
Ah, there is the hard working one :)
I had the most fun scrawling verses on the walls in silver paint pen (before the primer!)
Eventually some primer jumped on the walls and it's now ready for paint...
Hope you have been enjoying your first tastes of Spring too! XO

April 16, 2011

{ dear Neal }

thank you for being you, 
for kindness, patience, strength and belly laughs,
for taking our friends four year old daughter to a play,
for laughing and passing smiling-eye glances the whole time,
for your sweetness with her, and with me
I love you and I love this life we share

April 12, 2011

{ a tidbit from today }

The joy of the Lord
God allows us to have disappointments, frustrations, or even worse because He wants us to see that our joy is not in such worldly pleasures as success, money, popularity or health; our joy is in the fact that we have a relationship with God. Few of us ever understand that message until circumstances have divested us of any possibility of help except by God himself.
~Catherine Marshall~
"Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy"
Psalm 34:5

I'll just keep on letting these lessons soak into my soul...

April 9, 2011

Things I love about Spring Break...

1. Staying up really late and sleeping in with my hubs
2. Waking up to spring sunshine streaming through the windows
3. Walks through the puddles
4. Making Apple Crumble Pie (...and eating it for breakfast)
5. BBQ-ing out on the deck and not having to wear a jacket 
6. Writing scripture verses on our bedroom walls before painting
7. Spending time reading an awesome little wholesome book - Behind Convent Walls by Beth Coombs Harris, found at the local thrift-store!
8. Family dinner Friday night
9. Watching the fur baby soak up every sunbeam in the house
10. Not having any kind of schedule!
Oh yes, it's been bliss. Of course, coming to an end faster than I would like, but filled with precious time. Happy Spring!

April 2, 2011

would love to create with these!

Awesome give-away going on at Bryn Alexandra - such pretty fabrics and just in time for new craft-room and master-bedroom designing!