August 28, 2011

Dalvay By The Sea

This has got to be one of my most favourite places on the planet.
A special weekend to celebrate year 2 was spent in the very hotel filmed for Anne of Green Gables and the much-beloved Road To Avonlea TV series. It is more commonly known (among kindred spirits) as the White Sands Hotel. My husband sure knows how to make my dreams come true!

I'll take you on a tour...

step onto the wrap-around front porch,
give your sweetie a squeeze at the front door,
and step into this grand ol' 1895 millionaires 'cottage'
smell the birch-wood fire in the enormous fireplace to your left,
and head on up the double-winged mahogany staircase,

take a small staircase to your third floor, one-of-a-kind guestroom (it was kind of like sleeping in a museum!)
Heading back downstairs, you may want to spend some time reading in the parlour,

or stop in the dining room for a spot of tea.
After tea, and after enjoying (once more) the spectacle of this beautiful hotel surrounded by crystal-blue sky,
take a stroll out past Dalvay Lake (which is right in front of the hotel - and also the spot Prince William and Kate went dragon-boat racing!)
Step across the road and down a little sand path to the beach,
take a stroll, marvel at the red-cliffs and pounding surf,
tip your toes in the warm Atlantic,
and if you stay long enough (which isn't too hard)
you'll be treated to a breath-taking PEI sunset.

"Look at that sea, girls--all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn't enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds."
L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables ~

August 27, 2011

Pita Pizza

YUM and easy to make! I was on the look-out for fast and fresh summer dinner ideas when this one caught my eye and my taste-buds. It was discovered at Extreme Pita (by moi, wanting to try something different...). So here is my own version, give it a try!
(pic taken before the cheese so you can see all the garden goodness)

Take one small jar of tomato paste, season with spices (I like to use a no-salt variety mix)
Spread seasoned paste onto pitas
Add toppings of choice! (we like mushrooms, fresh garden tomatoes & basil, and sliced chicken strips - which are really reasonable at WalMart of all places...)
Sprinkle with mozzarella
Place on a cookie sheet and put in the oven, set to broil, for approx 8 mins or until cheese is melted and edges are the perfect crispiness :)

And voila - fast, fresh, easy supper!

August 23, 2011

In all these things...

Today I washed the last of our vacation laundry. Backpacks are stored, beach-shoes are free of sand and stowed away for future adventures. What an incredible high this vacation was. Spending each day intoxicated by natural beauty, inspired by history and in reveling in the places and beloved writings of LM Montgomery. More vacation posts are coming – it’s just so hard to know where to start! So for now I may just ramble about what life is like now, in other words: back to life ~ back to reality. After ‘soaring on the wings of anticipation’ regarding our future, upon returning, I must admit it feels as though I’ve landed with quite a thud.

Reality being:
Neal and I are living in my parent’s basement
I’m not on salary this year
I have to re-work my resume and attend job interviews not related to teaching
It’s been 8 years since I have had to do that!
I miss our home
I miss my cat
I’m having a realllllly hard time trusting that God has a plan for this year

and truthfully, it’s making me jump out of my skin.

Neal worked for many hours today, making our contents replacement list a little more user-friendly and giving everything one more ‘once-over’. I would love to say I helped, or was as least somehow supportive. Instead I felt quite overwhelmed. And rather annoyed that we have to do this. So I played Angry Birds on our phone. For 2 hours. Y-e-a-h…

I’m thinking this stage is the Complacent Stage. It feels somewhat familiar. I think I’ve been here before. Somehow disappointed with what God has allowed to happen in my life, a little too much self-pity, mix in a bit of outside stress. Suddenly I throw faith and hope out the window and just get – well – angry. Angry like:

If You are in control of everything then why did that fire sweep through town? And why OUR home? And why MY cat? She didn’t deserve that! Why didn’t You help me get her out?? Why didn’t I get ANYthing out?? Why didn’t I go to church that morning? Would that have changed anything? Would You have told me “Get out because your neighborhood is going to burn to the ground”? What are we doing here?

And like a small child, I fold my arms and turn my back and huff on.

I huffed today. On the way back from a short walk to the mailbox. I knew I was huffing and stewing and suddenly I had a thought. I am angry at God. Yuck.

Then a question from deep inside,

How can I be SO angry at someone I love SO much?

And then the tears...

I do love Him. I can’t help it and nothing, nothing will or could ever change that. The miracle is He loves me too. While I am yet a sinner, so in need of saving, of pulling out of the muck. With such a small and fragile hope. Such a limited understanding, such very human emotions.

Maybe it made You cry too. Maybe there is so much more here I have yet to understand, to learn. Maybe if I can totally surrender this all to You, maybe, just maybe, it won’t hurt quite so badly. Maybe we could just sit and hurt together.

Tonight I remember again this challenge, to take joy, in all things. To face trials of many kinds and develop perseverance and maturity. To know I’m not alone and do not have to be self-sufficient. I have a provider, a friend and a Father. A very real relationship, complete with times of distancing, anger and honesty. Completed by love. Trying to trust. When love and trust are so much more than words.

I’m sorry.

And in my heart, so deep, He whispers back,

I’m sorry too.

~ Who shall spearate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? - No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. ~
Romans 8:35-37