December 11, 2013

Just Talking - in point form (again)

- This week I spent some time in one of my favourite places... a special needs pre-school class. Man I love those kids. They are A-mazing. Learning how to meet their needs and witnessing their growth and success is just the best thing ever. They certainly hold a special place in my heart. 

- Neal said it best when he described closing on the Slave Lake house like this; "It started out bad and ended up quite good. I'd rather have it that way." I feel the same. There were some major frustrations as the closing day ticked along, but all was sorted out in the end. Happy buyers, happy sellers.

- On that note, you may be wondering what we are up to next in our wandering gypsy adventures. Well, we bought a lot (close to where we were renting last - so it already feels like home!) and are building again. It seems quite crazy, as it means a longer wait until we are settled in our own place, but the pro of picking out everything we would like to see in a home outweighed the con of waiting. We like to make lists of pros and cons when making big decisions, it seems to help clarify what is the most important. So the Slave Lake house was a practice run and now we can work on something just for us. It is a strange, unfamiliar feeling to think long term about a house.

- Neal went to see Thor with his brother last night and brought popcorn home just for me. Have I told you how much I love popcorn? And this man? He is the best.

- We have (had) one great disorganized mess of a storage room to tackle. Since we moved out of the condo in stages, with the least-used items going out first, there were many boxes of completely mis-matched items. Like a water jug packed with a set of antlers packed with books and a stack of paper. It thought it would take me all winter, but once I got going, most of it was done in one day. I'm OCD like that. The last of the organizing involves my classroom 'stuff' and crafting supplies. I left it for last on purpose. Now I no longer have scary boxes containing a random mix of items and it. feels. so. great.

- I have spent the last two evenings muddling through Instagram. You can see what that is all about over here. If you are on Instagram I would love to follow you! Being totally new to this, I can't promise anything fantastic, but it is another great way to keep in touch. My goal is not to show some kind of perfect life, but to document the little things in a day that make living special and worthwhile. We all need that encouragement sometimes.

- On encouragement: You know how sometimes you go through rough spots, wondering what God is up to and feeling quite in the dark? I've struggled there these past weeks. The struggle feels long and I wonder if it will ever give up, if I will grow out, if there is a light at the end. In the past, God has sent little reminders that things are going to be okay, but this time they seemed such a long time in coming. I doubted they would come. Yet God is good, and He will not leave us in the dark. He reached through weeks of hard and distance and questions to remind me that He sees me. I am not forgotten and I matter to Him. So do you.

- I'll sign off with a running list of the lights in this week that are keeping me on track; the special needs preschool kids and awesome staff, seeing a gigantic white-tail buck running through open fields on a drive home, a desk space just for me, Christmas cards from far away family and I know the list will go on.

Blessings on your week friends, may you find light in little moments this week.

"In Him was light, and that light was the life of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:4,5

December 7, 2013

Oh Deer...

Plump, fuzzy rascals gladly helped themselves to the raspberry bushes on this Christmas-card-like morning. Perhaps leaving the garden gate open was taken as an invitation.

I feel the very same way about this cold snap as the one deer caught with her tongue out, take *this* winter weather! Thankfully it was too cold on this last day of hunting season to tempt the hunter in the family, so the deer were only shot by camera. That's the way I like it.

They could hear my shutter clicking as it reached out the open porch window. Ears perked and their big brown eyes looked directly into the lens. Sliding the window open did not seem to bother them at all, but after many clicks, they became suspicious and decided to hightail it out of there.

Mama jumped the fence and one little one exited the same way she entered (via the open gate) but the other little one was not so brave. Too small to jump and too nervous to take an open exit, she wandered around behind the raspberries before she finally decided to dash out the gate too. 

I am sure they will be back, as the garden seems to be a preferred snacking ground. As picture-perfect as this winter is, I hope it is the last we see of snow and -30 for a little while at least. For their sake... and ours too!

December 2, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Frost and fog have ushered in our December, and December has brought some changes to our neck of the woods. Mainly, we are back in the woods, and moved out of our condo until we settle into a place of our own. A place of our own is in the works, but nothing is set in stone yet. I hope to share some happy news of the house-sort soon! In the meantime, brew a cup of hot cocoa and I'll share this frosty Sunday walk with you...

Moving has left me feeling muscles I did not know I had, but being able to walk out the door straight into the woods will help toughen those old muscles up I think. 

Have a happy week!