June 14, 2014

Half way through and catching my breath. June is beautiful green and blue, warm sun, plenty of rain, a grade 4 class, and lots of sawdust and wire at the house. Things are coming along, it is starting to look like home, and what a family effort it has been to pull off the wiring of it in the matter of a couple weeks. Growing up, I always knew my dad worked hard, but now that we have pitched in and helped run wire, drill holes, fish wire through tricky corners, and found ourselves up on ladders much more than usual, I appreciate the hard work in a whole new way. We are so thankful our builder allowed us to choose our own electrician and of course, we picked the best (love you dad!). 

Teaching during the days and working at the house in the evenings has been exhausting, but also fun. In the future when I hear the door bell ring, I can smile knowing that I ran the wire to make it all happen. Each time I look at the entry light I'll remember bracing the two story extension ladder, and the sweat beading as dad rose higher and higher to attach a box to the upper beam. Coffee breaks with Timbits, taping up pot lights so they are air-tight, Neal's endless squeegee-ing of floors before the shingles were on, mom sweeping and keeping things tidy, yes, we are making memories in this house already.

June has also brought a date at an Edmonton Eskimo's football game, a trip to Calgary to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary and visit with a whole lot of much loved family, a field trip to my favourite Fort Edmonton and plenty of outside gym classes and art projects with the grade 4's.

As I sleepily made my way to the car the other morning, I thought of that story about a man who had to roll a boulder. The idea is that by constantly striving to roll this boulder (burdens), the man becomes stronger, and the boulder lighter. I am feeling a little stronger this month. Some days the boulder rolls right over top of me, but some days I push it back and feel the strength and the lightness. Sometimes you don't know what you can do until you have no choice but to do it. God in his grace knows exactly what we need.

"And my God will supply all your needs, according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus" 
Philippians 4:19