August 27, 2014

My Heart at Sea

Having grown up on a steady diet of L.M. Montgomery novels, this love for the East Coast of Canada comes as no surprise. The surprise I suppose, was marrying a man who has family ties, roots, in the east which draw us back just as often as we can. How I love the water, the beach and trees, the laughter of our nieces playing and the deep quiet of starry nights.

From our trip journal: I want to remember how it feels to take that first step of the day into the bubbling wave egde, how sun feels hot on my skin, how sand compresses as I walk. How I live in a straw hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. How it feels to wake up and take your first look at the ocean, how sea glass sits smooth in my hand. It's the feelings I want to remember.

Feelings of freedom from time and schedules, space to follow the rhythm of tides. It is always a sweet time. As we move back into a season of time and schedules, I carry the feelings of our time by the seaside in my heart.