September 29, 2014

We Made It

Today my mom and I cleaned out an empty apartment. Neal and I dropped off keys and pulled out of our parking spaces for the last time. We laughingly said our farewells to apartment living on the elevator ride down to the main floor.

As I type the geese are honking, flying from field to field. Out the back windows are open spaces and trees. I've seen the sunrise light up clouds in the east. A yellow Pyrex bowl of apples sits on our farmhouse table. We are home.

It has been a little like Christmas to open boxes packed away for so long. I like existing with just the basics, but I also like having a few special things out of storage, like a small black bird from a Canmore trip. Little things that make my heart happy.

We have plans for this place. It is still pretty bare and the process of making it our home is one that I know will take time. We've put hearts, souls and elbow grease into this place from the beginning and we plan to continue. Speaking of elbow grease, we really could not have made it here without the help of our family. You are all amazing and mean the world to us. 

The fire seems like a lifetime ago, so much has changed. I would have never imagined myself here. Life is just like that sometimes, full of twists and turns and surprises, Sometimes the devastating can grow into the beautiful. I think I know someone who is in that business. He is here with open hands and our cup overflows.

September 14, 2014

Life Looks a Little Like This...

The countdown is on, one week until we own this house we have been working on since frost was out of the ground. Life right now is a blur of boxes and drywall dust, the excitement of pretty new light fixtures and white kitchens, and the pressure of moving out of and cleaning the apartment by the thirtieth of the month. But it's all good. Crazy, and sometimes exhausting and an effort not to break down when other people install the wrong things at the house, but good. Soon we move in, whether the right kitchen sink is installed or not. 

Making the many choices for the house was daunting, and I find myself holding my breath as each new choice makes it's way in. Will the flooring look alright with the vanity cupboards? Will the light fixture fill the space the way I imagined? Will the house be too white? (We had a 'designer' caution us about painting with white, she said it will look like a hospital. I shrugged and chose white anyways. It's my house. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I've waited three years four months and one week for this. I like white.)

In the midst of all this, I came across a beautiful blog called Hello Lidy. She has one amazing sense of style and her adoption journey through foster-to-adopt will encourage hearts waiting for precious kids. Did I mention she and her family just moved from California to Calgary, Alberta? And set up her house in a matter of weeks? I think she has super-powers. I would love to give a house tour just days after moving in, but we'll still be putting furniture together with allen-keys. 

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful September friends, my next post may be from the house!

September 3, 2014

Nova Scotia Landscapes

There is pleasure in the pathless woods,

there is rapture in the lonely shore,

there is society where none intrudes,

by the deep sea, and music in it's roar;

I love not man the less,

but nature more.

poem borrowed from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage ~ Lord Byron
photos taken on the Northumberland Strait, Brule, Nova Scotia